Why You Need To Keep That Spark

Having that certain smile on the lips…

A reason to take more and more steps towards “alternative” traveling like couchsurfing or hitchhiking is because I feel that participating in “normal” life like studying, talking to moneymaking careerfocused people and those with really tight and non open-minded views – all this tends to drive one more like them, less like oneself, more going with the flow, losing the own ability to see truth, see the simple but mindblowing beauty of the world. Instead, I wanna put a focus on keeping the balance, getting enriched by beautiful minds, and develop. Taking “risks” is the first step to get there I believe.

It’s sad we rarely do these encounters and conversations in real life cause many who seek don’t dare to show. These forms of traveling seem to help finding those who match our minds and exchange thoughts that otherwise might stay unshared.

We all experience difficult situations of different largeness compared to others. But it matters how oneself feels in that very moment and how much one can handle. It doesn’t matter that one person gets stressed by a bad feedback while the next one can handle way more. It’s not our right to judge anybody we barely know.

For me – going through life with that certain amount of optimism and trust and a smile on your lips helps to cope with a lot. And develop. And cope better the next time. There is no life without challenges, no fun without risks, no experience without going out of the door. To overcome fears and pain and to make the best out of it – it’s easily said but those who managed know what it is worth. It’s like a sketch, no perfect painting, no eraser, but magical by its uniqueness and finality.

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