We Were Young And Needed The Happiness

No, we’re not after some piece of paper with that well-defined value. What we seek, is something way bigger, longer lasting, something not really possible to put into words.

Something that we, however, encounter in various situations.

The kidlike joy when throwing clouds of colour into the air, watching them fading away, making people look like alive rainbows. Dance, laugh, jump, shriek. Enjoy.

The shared deep emotion, a sniff, a tear, the tense atmosphere of humans holding onto their chairs or partner’s hand during a dramatic movie in a small cinema hall. Feeling a brief synchronicity among a handful of strangers, having come together by simple chance, sharing a in a way naked moment.

The look into someone’s eyes without the urging feeling to have to look away, an instant connection. An understanding that doesn’t need any verbal explanation.

Entering a room of friends, family, colleagues, even strangers, smiling because one arrived. Persons who did not yet lose the ability of feeling and expressing modest human but true emotions. Being a part of this sensation, belonging into a vague network of wandering souls, happy to accompany each other’s way for a while.

Not buying a fancy pair of shoes but a fancy piece of food and watching the sun, tip, toe, along the sky. Thoughts passing by like clouds, elephant and plane and flower and chair alike.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

What is that, age, anyway? Who is grown up, what is grown up, do we actually grow up? Or is this just our definition of ending risk taking and curiosity and relying on financial security and a complete CV?

We want these moments. And many, many more. These are moments that keep our spirits young and our minds wise – if we are able to notice and fully enjoy them. Live them.

We’re young and need the happiness. We’re making decisions even though we’re afraid of them. We love being independent, flexible, we love learning, experiencing. We do mistakes. We do regret. And we do develop.

We’re a generation just starting to go out there. Known for questioning so-called facts. We’re no spoiled hippy kids but wish for a change in an somehow idle society. We wonder. We’re creative. We are enthusiastic and curious.

Use your abilities. Don’t grow old – develop.

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