Let’s Spice Things Up: Vibrant Vacation Destinations

Oh travel, you got us hooked.

Our deepest sorrow and biggest joy, you keep us in a constant fight with our bank account, screwing up our eyes as we hit “book” on those London tickets that were just too ridiculously cheap to pass, praying to whatever God, entity or unicorn cloud we believe in for the payment to go through.

(if that’s sounds too familiar to you, I put together a few handy tips to travel more here ?)

For some of us, travel is our biggest source of inspiration, of personal growth, even of belief in humanity. Did you know science even discovered a wanderlust gene? Well, if you find yourself to be a representative of this group as well, you’ll know that your itchy feet will take you to London only a couple of times, before your curious mind demands for new impressions.

So let’s spice things up and get you some inspiration. What are vibrant vacation destinations that could make it on your list?

Roadtrip through Europe

Um, hello, duh, that’s not surprising.

I know. But still unchallenged. And definitely what I’m gonna be up to for the rest of the year hihi. With my cute little not-so-little van Wanda, I’ll cruise East Europe and the Balkans, before heading South / Southwest towards Italy and Spain towards winter. Cause, why not. In all seriousness, after all my traveling years I just value the ease to cross borders, find clean toilets and really good beer. A lot.

Whether it’s the stylish streets of Stockholm, the cute rural towns of Germany, or Krakow so rich in street art. Tapas and cerveza in Barcelona, croissant and café au lait at the Côte d’Azur, seafood and ouzo on Crete… *silently sneaking to the fridge hunting for some snacks*

Chilling on the roads of Achill Island.


Very easily my second home! The history-charged streets of Jerusalem offer anything from real good Middle Eastern food to authentic local music, vibrant markets, an intriguing mix of religion, history and culture. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv boasts and incredible start up scene, nightlife non-stop, design and fashion highlights, is even considered a new vegan capital of the world. And now I haven’t even started with more off-the-track places like the authentic market in Nazareth, the artsy vibes in Mitzpe Ramon, or the Israeli Las Vegas down South in Eilat…

Find the right trip for creative ambition

The Philippines

The Philippines are made up of around 7.000 islands. So be prepared to stick around for a while and never wanting to leave!

The capital Manila is located on the main island, a vibrant and happening city with plenty of places to stay like the Manila Marriott Hotel which could offer the luxury accommodation you have been searching for, or the amazing Z Hostel for the tighter budget. Make sure to send over some sunshine when you lazily sip your beachside coconut and decided to never leave again 😉


Thailand is the place that I’d easily recommend to any first-time backpacker or people wanting to get a first impression of Asia. Easy to get around, lots of Western infrastructure (depends on your perspective whether that’s an asset or a deficit), good food, and reasonably priced. While the islands down South are famous for their party culture and diving highlights, the North holds more authentic places still, laced with a unique culture and architecture, fabulous street food markets and other hidden wonders.

A dinner an lights at the lake of Mae Hong Son.

New Zealand

Kinda the end of the world. And yet it’s surprising how much those Kiwis fit on those two comparably small islands. From cities not short of things to discover like Auckland or Queenstown, to the most incredible nature like the Bay of Islands, the movie scenery around Taupo, or the awe-inspiring fjords down South. And absolutely anything you might wish for to tick off your list. Withe and black water rafting, bungee jumping (that in fact originates in Queenstown!) and skydiving, dolphin swimming, diving, sailing and kayaking in the most incredible places, and what not. Not sure where to start? Here’s my list of the 100 most epic things to do in New Zealand 🙂

Where to next?

Alright folks, just a little happy piece of inspiration. What do you think – where will you devour your next local brew? ?

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    These places are so beautiful that even I have been there, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again..

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