The Chaos Is Infinite, But The Love Is As Well

it needs time
to lose yourself
to stumble and fall
to find yourself
to get up and walk straight
to keep looking ahead
yes, the chaos here is infinite
but the love is as well
but your tears are not
they just change your perspective
on the things that you need
and the things that you don’t
just give the world a smile
and it will smile back at you
remember the love that you give
is the love that you get
because even a fraction of infinity
is still infinite, there is no limit
let the joy turn
your whole world upside down
and travel as far as your imagination goes
because this world is full of miracles
and you are, too
and I, I will always miss you
even if I don’t know who you are
I know that you are
somewhere, out there
destined to cross my way
one day

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