The Balance Of Flowing And Going

Life for us, and by us I mean a broad group of subjectively young western humans born into wealthy freedom, has become easy. I mean… Especially when you’re not bond to a 9-5 job or house and family and have a relatively okay income, we can do almost anything. Go anywhere. Just don’t give a shit.

But that also turns into a problem. The not giving a shit part. Cause it might exaggerate this attitude of “going with the flow”, which does not work if you don’t contribute to it. Sure it’s good to not be too narrow in your perspective, it’s necessary really, to be openminded towards life itself, however you always need to actively step forward instead of staying in one place, both physically and mentally. Always seek a new challenge. Be conscious about what happens right here, right now, and actively reflect on it.

Find balance in nature.

Just because you once committed to a certain goal, plan, idea, attitude, doesn’t mean it is still the right one for you today, in this very moment. You’re no observer waiting for things to happen and see how they turn out. That’s not what is meant by „belief“, in whatever you might believe. God, the universe, destiny, coincidence, or the sheer nothingness. If you believe, but don’t take action yourself, how should things change?

Believing means, doing what feels right and trusting it is part of your way. Not any way, and maybe not right for anybody else, and maybe nobody seems to understand it. They don’t have to.

Find balance in nature.

But sometimes the problem goes the other way around. We get so engaged in our daily activities, into goals we once set, always checking appointments for the next two weeks or so, plan ahead without knowing where we will be in this „ahead“. We forgot how to let go, what this all here actually is, we ignore the bare fact of our existence by all the oh so important little things that come up and that, if we don’t take care of them, will for sure turn out oh so bad.

Balance is not determined by outer circumstances, but by your inner decisions.

Then we have to regain that flow. The trust. And the conscious love for ourselves. Take a break. Take a deep breath. Take a day off. Take a bag and close the door behind you without knowing where you’re going. Experience that little spark, the little fear, the great excitement, when you do something totally unexpected, unplanned, even stupid maybe.

Find balance in nature.

Find your balance.

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