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The Right Kind Of Trip For Creative Ambition

The world has long served as one of the greatest tools in the pursuit of inspiration.

I mean, have you never imagined yourself opening a tiny pâtisserie at the Côte d’Azur when devouring two, three oven-fresh croissants somewhere in the French countryside?

Regardless of the field you work in today, traveling the world can free your mind and open it to new ideas, giving you the chance to take a new approach to your job.

Personally, I studied psychology and do not regret having spent four years on my bachelor’s degree. Since I started roaming the world afterwards full-time, for 1,5 years now, my career took a big shift. I find myself freelancing as a writer and online business manager, where psychological skills surely come in handy – but it was a natural and utterly unexpected change of directions. Well, that we all love traveling is obvious I guess.

For those in a creative role, though, it can take a bit of work to find a trip which will fulfill your needs, and a lot of people will find themselves stuck somewhere unsuitable. The hottest party strip on the Balearics won’t quite make it. So what are the qualities which make for the best creative breaks?

Find the right trip for creative ambition

Indulge in Local Art

Different cultures can spawn in the smallest of places, bringing with them new waves of artistic creation. In almost every country, you will find huge ranges of local artwork which reflects the lives of the people living there, along with pieces from times gone by. I mean, duh, of course you won’t skip the Louvre when in Paris (I seem to have a thing with France today). However by now, the internet has even given us the great possibility to connect to local art communities to dive into the regional creative minds even deeper. Look out for galleries, public places and such, a lot of times resulting in a very budget-considerate day if you’re willing to do some walking.

A Better Trip for Creative Ambition with Easy Movement

For those with a creative itch, you’ll know the urge of trying to see as much as possible, and I put together a few tips on how to travel more generally here. But a healthy balance to not end the day with a giant headache confusing the history of all the classical baroque buildings you saw is probably advisable. To facilitate this tightrope walk, find a place with good public transport and other links, as this will give you the chance to go between places without any hassle. Just check this out before you go by reading some reviews and guides around the web – easy as that!

enjoy natural beauty on a trip for creative ambition

The Natural Beauty of the World

While humans have an affinity for beauty (I’m overflowing with these lil smart give-aways today), the natural world is always one step ahead. To take full advantage of this, it’s worth going somewhere which exhibits as much of it as possible. Websites like and help you to explore the Australian rainforests or the lowest place on Earth, and to make your trip one to not forget, one where you’ll immerse into some of the most stunning places around the globe. Seriously folks, if that does not spark your creativity, then what will?

A Culture Which Intrigues

People are interesting. I mean, they can be annoying, lovable, strange, funny, awful, artsy. But interesting they are. The cultures and societies to be found when you are traveling are one of the most powerful tools you have to inspire yourself, and this makes it easy to find somewhere which will give you what you need. Wanna know a bit more before you go? There’s even companies like for example that help you to explore the options among many cultures. Not only will this give you a good idea of what to expect, but it will also enable you to find something which truly intrigues you. If you have a yearning for excellent sausages and some of the world’s finest beer, it should be obvious anyway 😉 Drop me a line if you’re passing through Germany!

Your Trip for Creative Ambition: Where to next?

Alright folks, let’s start working harder on the time you put into your creative ambitions when you’re traveling the world. There are loads of places which can give you this sort of help, and it’s easy to find somewhere which you will love from the start.

My favorite place for example is Jerusalem, this place got me hooked. So much music and art and food and cultures and religions and buildings and history, aiaiai.

Time to hit the road! Where will you head next? Let me know if you need some help with itinerary-planning ?

This is a collaborative post that may contain affiliate links.

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