Remember The Good Stories

To the Stranger helping me out.

We tend to easily forget the good stories. The positive moments. The small islands of true happiness and smiles in our mostly busy every day lifes. Actually, from a psychological and evolutionary point of view, that makes kinda sense. The problem is though, that the information we base our judgment on is all but genuine.

How about that person giving you a tissue in the subway. The neighbor helping to carry the groceries upstairs. The friend cleaning with you after that awesome party. The bartender giving you a free drink just because you’re new in town. The local showing you the way. And the guy who gave me 50 cents with a smile at the airport so I could buy that stupid plastic bag – without asking him.

Being optimistic for me does not mean to always expect the good stuff to happen or believing bad stuff doesn’t happen to me. Quite the contrary, I know it happens and it does happen frequently. Being optimistic though enables me to handle problems more easily – or to know what I gotta do to handle them. Like talking to friends or doing sports or finally traveling again. How to cope, how to take advantage of that situation, what to learn, how to develop myself. There is a “good” in every situation, even if not easily observable.

We’re constantly learning, changing, elaborating, evolving, transforming. Even if we don’t pay attention to it, like many might do. But for me, it is really the point. I mean, look around you, look at the news for a second, and you’re overwhelmed by another terror attack, stabbing, explosion, fight, by crazy politicians and rebellious groups, war, sheer insanity. No surprise that we feel increasingly uncomfortable at famous and crowded places, and humanity is taken by a deeply rooted feeling of distrust.

We gotta fight this! We, who are going out there, who still see the good in people – there are so incredibly many of them! -, who believe, who exchange and create and help, who smile out of pure lust to smile and win a hundred smiles back.

What have you encountered, what stories did happen to you? Spread the word 🙂

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