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My Middle East Adventure – Part 6

The End.

I can imagine all these curious minds, wondering how this adventure actually ended, sleepless for weeks, trying to solve this mystery…

Yeah. Right.

Anyway, not gonna leave this year without finishing what I started, and maybe someone out there has a couple of minutes to follow the end 🙂

Quick update. Avihai and I just returned from our incredibly improvised mountainbiking trip and ended up enjoying THE swim. Leaving our bikes and luggage at Hezi’s roof (who expected we wouldn’t have enough energy to carry that to the 5th floor?), while the apartment itself was locked, we went, dirty and wet as we where, to an unexpectedly fancy restaurant nearby. With seaview. And ordered actually nothing too special but in that very moment it was heaven really. Not caring for standards or norms or the volume of our wallets once but being grateful for what we accomplished.

middle east adventure: last day in Tel Aviv

The day was relaxed. We spent the evening together with friends, finally getting in touch with a Hamburg friend’s friend who now lives in Tel Aviv – the world is a village…

By now it was the 4th of October. Not really having a plan for the day (sheesh, yet another Jewish holiday was about to start and shops going to close early afternoon), we decided to go out for food. We ended up spending the whole day together having some tasty Israeli breakfast, checking out a market and getting a small souvenir after all, strolling through Jaffa, enjoying a gorgeous sunset from the harbour.

For us three couchsurfers who all stayed in the same house was this the last evening, and with all my heart I can say it was one of the greatest nights I ever had. These moments when just everything works out perfectly. As if the universe wants you to have a good time. To be with people you actually don’t really know, and with whom you will probably never gonna get back together, and yet that is exactly what makes it this magical, unique, lets you click. Hour after hour we were sitting on the roof, dancing, eating pancakes, doing acro yoga, drinking wine, went swimming into the sea altogether…

middle east adventure: last day in Tel Aviv

We remember, it was a holiday the next day. Not being up for long searches for the best Sheruts to the airport I just took a taxi. And, when I had to leave in the morning, I was surprisingly, unexpectedly sad. These two weeks were accompanied by way more feelings than I could have imagined and I knew, I would come back, eventually. Something changed.

A couple of last minute postcards at the airport. Boarding. An American, a French and a German enter a plane towards Switzerland and discuss Jewish history. American got pissed drunk and “entertained” all passengers during the next couple of hours, while my seatmate luckily handed the situation quite well, and he got indeed picked up by the police when we arrived in Geneva.

Geneva. Rainy 17°, a memory card full of warm moments, tired feet and a tired mind. Yet I strolled through the city for a while, before simply getting a 6€ coffee while waiting for my last minute couchsurfing host. He was a kind internet security guy who teached kids how to deal with and protect their data these days, cooked for us, and we had an interesting conversation.

The next day I had until late evening before my flight to Berlin would leave. It was still rainy but I decided to not let the chance pass to explore the city and actually walked around quite a lot, with great music on my ears and my pink plastic rain coat. It was cold and wet and grey and expensive, but anyway 🙂

I decided to get two piercings and have a beer with another German friend’s friend, before I eventually jumped the plane. It was a weird feeling to be back in Berlin, really. I stayed at my usual second home, happy to be back with close friends, wanderlust just resting for a little while.

Israel. Hard to put this unlikely experience into words really. Still in touch with friends I found there, still watching photos almost every day. I’m not gonna get too cheesy here, but I really really really loved it, can only recommend anybody to go, ask me for advice any time. An adventure indeed, a time of my life I will always keep close.

Thank you for following! Any feedback appreciated hihi 🙂
(YES you reached the end!)

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