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My Middle East Adventure – Part 1


Well, who saw that coming? Life is full of suprises if you’re simply open to receive them. In this series I want to write about all the small and big miracles that occured to me during two very special weeks. It was special due to many reasons… And somehow, everything kept magically falling into place, and I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be, the universe providing me with a perfect journey.

So way back to the start; this is the beginning of a 6 part story about the adventure that was about to come.

To cut it short here, my summer sucked. Big time. Due to my broken heel I was totally dependent on other people, unable to work, unable to travel, unable to enjoy all these little things that make summer awesome. There were two months wheelchair, another month on crutches, and four months after the accident I’m still not allowed running, dancing, and have issues walking long distances.

But still, I made the best out of it, and regarding the situation, that actually went pretty well. I had amazing friends pushing my wheelchair through the cobbled streets of Berlin, I had my family helping me out whereever they could, I hopped into the water on one leg to refresh during 40°C (who cared that I looked like a dead fish), I started early writing my thesis that is due in one year. And when the day to abandon my crutches came closer, I knew I had to get out of here.

Actually this was going to be the first trip I did completely alone. Sure I flew to many places around the world by myself, but always visiting someone. Or went together with someone. So now the time had come, and what did I do, being in 2015? I googled.

I googled and what I found is this. For all those among you who don’t speak German, it is an article about a mountainbike trail between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It actually is not very well known, although being an official trail, neither is the description something that would drag a lot of people going I think. But it moved something within me, and within a day I decided I have to do it. I felt I have to put myself through this challenge, no matter what, so I booked the flights.

I started organizing these two weeks full of unknown adventures, and they seemed far far ahead. Actually I had a lot of stuff going on, mainly to take care of moving back into my apartment in Hamburg, writing my thesis, going to physiotherapy. Every now and then I checked what I wanted to do and see in Israel, and my plan turned out to be relaxed but, for my feeling, really well. For some Israelis way too well, they laughed their heads off when they saw my actual printed schedule. Guess I will never fully abandon some German traits…

Anyway, the day where I was supposed to be leaving came closer, and still I was on crutches. One week before I forced myself to walk without, and was on painkillers all the time so that I won’t get into any malposition due to relieving posture. But my doctor recommended me to cycle (let’s not argue about the not worth mentioning differences of easy 20min cycling on paved roads and 3 days heavy mountainbiking), so I kept optimistic.

I packed my backpack very carefully, since I hate travelling with too much luggage. So I ended up with one pants, two tshirts and one sweater (alright I’m not gonna continue my packing list here, if you need any advice let me know, otherwise be assured I was able to take only a small backpack).

Already, I was in touch with my first host in Tel Aviv who told me about the awesome weather, view, people. I couldn’t wait to finally get going, have my real summer, escape these days of shades of grey.

harbor view

I spent my last weekend before takeoff with my family since we celebrated the birthdays of our parents, and had a pretty amazing time seeing some museums, having good food, long talks, a nice hotel room. Hey I was about to couchsurf and camp for two weeks, a little luxury before was appreciated 🙂

And there it came, big adventure ahead. Day 1 is gonna follow soon.

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