Cinnamon Fern

we turn cause we feel like it
we don’t take time to admit
that we lose the control
we never had
we’re turning in our bowl
waiting for a chance to strike new paths
we’re afraid to decide
to be unable to return
eventually collide
with our cinnamon fern
at every junction we stop
maybe there’s a better way
we are hensel and gretel
at the buffet of endless traces
but what we have to face is
one step forward, three steps back
is all but the right track
we’re addicted to reinforcement
that endlessly sweet drug
so keep going then you won’t prevent
a lifelong search without content
shaped by restlessness and aimlessness
if you want a difference
choose a difference
because every single day the earth starts a new threehundredsixtyfive days long journey around the sun

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