Hello you! This is me.

Being home in many places. Having one passionate goal.

Because I say no! to “Aren’t you afraid traveling alone?”
And answer “It’s the best you can do!”

White Domes of Dana Biosphere Reserve

I want to share with you how generally good people are, in every corner of the world. And what there is to discover, authentically, behind all those “10 must see’s”.

Because you’ll probably have read them before going anywhere already. But what if you really want to get to know places and people?

I’m staying for more than a couple of days. Talking to locals. Couchsurfing. Hitchhiking. Always eager to try new activities, exotic foods and alternative places to see. And thus creating my own adventure whereever I go. Sometimes I decide spontaneously to try out new things (like that 3 day mountainbiking trip in Israel). Although I had no clue at all. And died laughing each time I failed ridiculously. But in the end, I make it work. That’s why I want to share my insights with you.

What kind of person does that?

I love trying new things, making new experiences, coming up with new ideas, am a tiny bit crazy. I’m very interested in psychology and learned a lot during my studies. I change my hairstyle every couple of months. I like a lot of activities. Surfing, sailing, skating, climbing, hiking, dancing, yoga, new languages, photography, playing piano & guitar, learning about sustainability, diversity, equality, intercultural and interdisciplinary work. I adore traveling and light luggage, I love shoes and dresses, I decorate my room with girly stuff and I do mud runs.

Besides traveling full-time, I’m a freelancer to finance the whole ride. Interested in what I do? Check out my work, ranging from writing, digital marketing, web development and coaching, at my portfolio website.

What got me here?

Unexpectedly, I moved nine times in 2015 and 2016 – and then left everything behind.

About me, and how I discover new places with heaps of fun!
I have a dragging spirit within me. I feel the blood rushing through my veins when I think of a crazy stupid amazing idea. I want to go. With a small bag carrying the most necessary things and travel one way with no fixed plan. Keep learning, discovering, and making the world a better place each day. I want to be a part of an international open-minded community who is honest and enjoys life, exchange taking with giving instead of insisting on a superficial number on my online banking account.

And if you now worry about me getting into dangerous naive stupid situations (hi mom):

I’m an optimist. I truly believe that things will always work out if I openly listen to my intuition. I believe that I always am where I am supposed to be.

What’s the problem then?

I noticed that there exist a lot of good stories that way too few people know. We always hear about bad stuff, we always remember what terrible things happen “out there”.

It’s, psychologically spoken, only natural to do so. But we shouldn’t let this hold us back. So here’s about positivity on the road, the psychological ups and downs of (female) solo travel, and how we can come across hospitality and love wherever we go. About the realness of places. And whatever else is seeking its way from my mind to my typing fingers.

Join me on an epic journey exploring the world and making it a better place!

If there is just one person out there I can help, inspire, inform or keep procrastinating a little, it’s worth it.

So, fellow adventurer, let’s talk. What is your biggest challenge right now? 

Stay curious,

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