About Presence And Enjoyment

Sitting here. Simply be.

It’s all about finding your inner balance – where and how do you handle work, free time and relaxation? You need a break? Just turn on that good-mood music, sit on the grass, watch people, give em a smile & reiceive it back, enjoy the sun on your skin. Don’t feel weird to simply sit down or even sing or dance along for a moment. Anyway, why care?

Why would you care what strangers think of you if you’re probably never gonna see them again? Is it because you yourself judge other people according to your first impression? Because you think someone giving you no attention is avoiding you and someone who gives you attention thinks weirdly about you? Because you don’t love yourself to an extend allowing your intuition to flow like a summer breeze? Because you are trapped in your own stereotypes and bias and associations about certain behaviors, attitutes, lifestyles?

Show them the difference. Be the difference. Go on, express your emotinos freely, be receptive, be crazy. Choose to see things differently instead of waiting for some kind of magical change.

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