A Farewell Letter

You. Youyouyou. You entered my life in a split second and accompanied me for an unexpectedly long time. You have supported me in any moment I needed you and beyond. You have been of tremendous help along my adventurous way, and anytime I was about to lose balance, you catched me. You never asked anything in return, although I sometimes – actually, often – wanted to kick your ass. But you stayed by my side every day, every night, and I have to admit I have never known a friend I could rely more on. Three months can be a long time, when you literally spend every second together.

But as much as I love you for your all youโ€™ve done for me, youโ€™re not the one. We have to seperate, and that moment has come today. I have realized this a long time ago and slowly worked towards it. You know, I had to wait for the right moment to tell you, to make sure both of us are ready for this step. A lot of changes will come along, and I know I wonโ€™t be as confident as I was with you. But now, in this very moment, I know it is the right thing to do, and that you will understand.

Cause seriously, who wants to carry around 60kg all day long?! Iโ€™M FCKNG WALKING AGAIN!

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